'This Is The Sound' 2LP vinyl

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TITS vinyl 1000x1000-3.jpg

'This Is The Sound' 2LP vinyl


Our debut album “This Is The Sound” released in June 2017. This item is shipped directly by the band: please note your requests for signatures & dedication during checkout. If you don’t want your item signed, you can also order from our official worldwide online store at cellardarling.aisamerch.de!


  • 2LP black vinyl edition


1. Avalanche

2. Black Moon

3. Challenge

4. Hullaballoo

5. Six Days

6. The Hermit

7. Water

8. Fire, Wind & Earth

9. Rebels

10. Under the Oak Tree...

11. ...High Above These Crowns

12. Starcrusher

13. Hedonia

14. Redemption

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