Our New Song 'Insomnia' is OUT NOW!


This is "Insomnia", the first single from our upcoming album. 
It was written at night in the presence of a bat, sleep being just a distant memory.

While this song is quite the trip in itself, it is only a small leg of an epic journey. A journey we can't wait to share with you, but for now we must leave you in the dark... Until then we hope you enjoy this story of a tortured soul, bewitched by an unhealthy love, seeking something impossible immersed in sleep deprived mood swings and unruly hallucinations. 

The visionary and genius Costin Chioreanu has outdone himself yet again with creating the visual account of this story. 

"Insomnia" was recorded at Soundfarm Studio & New Sound Studio as a co-production between Anna Murphy and Tommy Vetterli and mixed by him at New Sound Studio. Mastered by Jens Bogren. The haunting hammond organ as well as the grand piano were performed by Fredy Schnyder. 

We would love to credit the bat, but didn't give him or her a name at the time. Let's go with Jacob.