New video: ‘Drown’

This is Drown. The last chapter to be revealed before the album release of “The Spell” - a chapter our fans chose based on only looking at the track list.

To our surprise -- and joy -- the song that is probably the least "commercial" of all of them was chosen and we think that is kind of cool… we are proud of every chapter of this concept album, so let's go ahead and release a non-single single, for once.

Thank you Nuclear Blast for being on board with our weird ideas.

Drown took almost a year to complete. We had so many different versions and we just couldn’t make it work… we really felt like we were drowning at some point :) We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Tommy, Fredy and Dennis for the great work - adding elements that were missing and giving inputs with fresh ears.

The video was once again created by the amazing Costin Chioreanu who has yet again captured the story beautifully, almost depicting what was in Anna’s head when she wrote it.

Recorded and mixed at New Sound Studio by Tommy Vetterli