Queen Cover Out Now!


Just in time for our very first headline UK tour, we’ve decided to release our cover version of legendary Queen’s "The Prophet’s Song" digitally — a befitting tribute (we hope) to the incredible rock music legacy of Britain, and a mighty epic and mysterious tune!

🎶 Check it out on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2py9ypL
🎶 ...and Apple Music: https://apple.co/2FW8BSd
Or of course on the music service of your choice.

We can’t wait to play this song, and many others, live for you during our very first UK tour in just a few days!

31.03.2018 / Dublin, Ireland / On The Rox / 🎫 http://bit.ly/2ojbW24
…with the amazing Diamond Black:
01.04.2018 / Glasgow, Scotland / Audio / 🎫 http://bit.ly/2s4x40Y
03.04.2018 / Manchester, England / Rebellion / 🎫 http://bit.ly/2GVITKe
05.04.2018 / London, England / Boston Music Rooms / 🎫 http://bit.ly/2EKo5F0

Come join us!

We’ve had some proper laughs making a rehearsal *space* video for this song! Thanks to a bit of technology you can, for the very first time, see what we see when we’re “in the zone” (and perhaps not entirely sober). Merlin and Ivo kept zapping in and out of reality, though — presumably to the far reaches of alternate universes, on a quest for inspiration for our next album...

The beautiful cover art for the single was created by immensely talented Celtic Botan from Brazil! We shall buy her a Caipirinha or two when we head over there in May. Check out her other work at http://instagram.com/celticbotan!



We are beyond excited to announce our first headline tour visiting Ireland, Scotland and England! 
These are some of the most beautiful places in the world, and we feel a special connection to each of them. Ireland is Anna’s second homeland, and Merlin’s year is never complete without his pilgrimage to the highlands and Isles - that’s where they produce our favourite drink too! And of course Britain is home to some of the most important places in rock music history. It is about time that we bring our music over for an extended visit, after the incredible welcome we received at our first show in London last year! 

We are also very much looking forward to sharing the stage with none other than DIAMOND BLACK, the brand new band founded by Ben Christo (Sisters Of Mercy)! Check out their fantastic new single here: https://youtu.be/0DD0WJR7ri4“Crushing riffs, mesmerizing electronica & cinematic choruses, telling tales of desire, decadence & devotion” - sounds just about right. These will be some truly magical nights - we can’t wait to rock out with you all! 

31.03. Dublin, Ireland - Rox - 🎫 Tickets: 
01.04. Glasgow, Scotland - Audio - 🎫 Tickets: 
03.04. Manchester, England - Rebellion - 🎫 Tickets: 
05.04. London, England - Boston Music Rooms - 🎫 Tickets: 


We are honoured to be rocking out with a bunch of amazing bands at the 25th anniversary edition of the one and only Rockharz Open Air! http://www.rockharz-festival.com/zum-start-ins-jubilaeumsja…
🎫 Tickets are available now - get yours early! http://www.rockharz-festival.com

🇩🇪 Wir freuen uns unheimlich, beim 25. Jubiläum des Rockharz Open Airmitrocken zu dürfen! Wir werden dabei die Bühne mit einem absoluten Killer-Lineup teilen: http://www.rockharz-festival.com/zum-start-ins-jubilaeumsja…
🎫 Tickets gibt es unter http://www.rockharz-festival.com - holt euch eures rechtzeitig!


We're In The Studio

With the start of the new year, we have officially begun recording our very first album at Tommy Vetterli's New Sound Studio. Creativity is flowing, spirits are high, and we could not be happier with the results so far! We cannot wait to share this with you. The album will be out this summer on Nuclear Blast records.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date right here, and on:
@cellardarlingofficial on Instagram
@cellar_darling on Twitter
Cellar Darling on VK

- Anna, Ivo & Merlin

New T-Shirt: 'Black Moon'


Yet another beautiful design created by Costin Chioreanu! This time, we asked Costin to listen to the song and let his art be inspired by the lyrics, without any guidance from us. We absolutely love the result!
The front of the shirt features Costin's artwork, and on the back you'll find a lyric excerpt from the song:

"To the end
To the moon
We will be swept away
It's the end"

Available in all sizes from Small to 3X-Large - ships worldwide! Thank you for your support!


We would like to thank all those of you who came to rock out with us in beautiful Russia and on our an awesome, sold-out run with Delain - we had incredible shows in Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Samara, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Paris, Pratteln, Bochum, Munich, Utrecht and London! Now we can't wait to head out again later this week to conquer Europe together with Lacuna Coil:

11.11.2017 🇩🇪 JUZ Live Club - Andernach, Germany
12.11.2017 🇦🇹 Komma - Wörgl, Austria
13.11.2017 🇷🇸 Dom Omladine - Belgrade, Serbia
15.11.2017 🇷🇴 Quantic Club - Bucharest, Romania
16.11.2017 🇧🇬 Mixtape 5  - Sofia, Bulgaria
17.11.2017 🇧🇬 Mixtape 5  - Sofia, Bulgaria
18.11.2017 🇬🇷 Principal Theater Club - Thessaloniki, Greece
19.11.2017 🇬🇷 Piraeus Academy 117 - Athens, Greece
22.11.2017 🇨🇭 Musigburg - Aarburg, Switzerland
24.11.2017 🇩🇪 Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
25.11.2017 🇩🇪 Hellraiser - Leipzig, Germany
26.11.2017 🇩🇪 Café Central - Weinheim, Germany
28.11.2017 🇫🇷 Le Metronum - Toulouse, France
29.11.2017 🇪🇸 CC Delicias - Zaragoza, Spain
01.12.2017 🇵🇹 RCA Club - Lisboa, Portugal
02.12.2017 🇵🇹 Hard Club - Porto, Portugal
03.12.2017 🇪🇸 Custom - Sevilla, Spain
04.12.2017 🇪🇸 Garaje - Murcia, Spain
06.12.2017 🇱🇺 Kulturfabrik - Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
07.12.2017 🇫🇷 Ninkasi Kao - Lyon, France
08.12.2017 🇫🇷 Le Forum - Vaureal, France
09.12.2017 🇧🇪 Moonlight Music Hall - Diest, Belgium
10.12.2017 🇫🇷 Chez Paulette - Nancy, France
11.12.2017  🇩🇪 Zeche - Bochum, Germany
13.12.2017 🇫🇷 La Chabada - Angers, France
14.12.2017 🇫🇷 Le Grillen - Colmar, France
15.12.2017 🇳🇱 Metropol - Hengelo, Netherlands
16.12.2017 🇫🇷 Festival De Noel - Limoges, France

We hope to see you there! You can find more info & tickets HERE

Photo by pushingpixels.de

Photo by pushingpixels.de

OUT NOW: The Official Video for Six Days

It‘s the sixth of November. A good day to present you with the video to our song „Six Days“, a dark and abstract story about the last man left on earth. We‘ve always wanted this special song to have a visual representation and we knew immediately that if we ever could realise the project the man for it would be our favourite artist Costin Chioreanu

Without any guidelines he has managed to capture the atmosphere perfectly, the video really shows what was inside Anna’s head when she wrote the lyrics and recorded the first demo in the middle of the night. When we further worked on this song we realised once more that we are not really bound to one style of music and that we have the freedom to expand our horizon even more - that‘s why this song will always have a special meaning to us. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Paris Sold Out!

Paris! Yet another show on our upcoming tour with the incredible Delain is sold out. We cannot wait to rock out with you all!!

Tickets remain for only two shows on this very special run: Pratteln, Switzerland (tickets: http://bit.ly/2z8CLKf) and Munich, Germany (tickets: http://bit.ly/2xHVsrE). Get your tickets in time!

26.10.2017 🇫🇷 Alhambra - Paris, France *SOLD OUT*
27.10.2017 🇨🇭 Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
28.10.2017 🇩🇪 Zeche - Bochum, Germany *SOLD OUT*
29.10.2017 🇩🇪 Backstage - Munich, Germany
31.10.2017 🇳🇱 Tivoli - Utrecht, Netherlands *SOLD OUT*
01.11.2017 🇬🇧 Koko - London, United Kingdom *SOLD OUT*

Check our tour dates for all upcoming shows!

Cellar Darling Confirmed for ProgPower USA 2018

U.S. premiere confirmed!!

We are very happy to confirm our very first show in the USA, and absolutely cannot wait to play the excellent ProgPower USA in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia!

We are performing on day 2 - tickets will be on sale from November 11th at http://progpowerusa.com

September 6, 2018 | Cellar Darling at ProgPower USA 2018 | Center Stage Theater | Atlanta, GA

2 Shows in Arkhangelsk Added to Russian Tour


We're incredibly happy to add another two shows in your beautiful country this year! We'll visit Arkhangelsk for the very first time and play not one, but two shows for you:

08.10.2017 🇷🇺 Belomor Boogie Festival | Arkhangelsk, Russia | http://www.belomor-boogie.ru/

09.10.2017 🇷🇺 Arkoleso | Arkhangelsk, Russia | http://www.arkoleso.ru/

We can't wait to see you there! Special thanks go out to Pro Helvetia Moscow for making these shows possible.

Later that same month, we're continuing our tour with 4 shows presented by THE FLAMING ARTS AGENCY, joining the incredible The Agonist and Sirenia for the following dates:

22.10.2017 🇷🇺 Teatr - Moscow, Russia
23.10.2017 🇷🇺 Arena - Krasnodar, Russia
24.10.2017 🇷🇺 Zvezda - Samara, Russia
25.10.2017 🇷🇺 Opera - St Petersburg, Russia

We can't wait to see you there!

Cellar Darling to Tour Russia in October


We said we'd try our very best to visit every single one of you, and here's the next bunch of tour dates. We can't wait for the 'Female Metal Voices Fest' 2017 with the amazing The Agonist and Sirenia

22.10.2017 Teatr - Moscow, Russia
23.10.2017 Arena - Krasnodar, Russia
24.10.2017 Zvezda - Samara, Russia
25.10.2017 Opera - St Petersburg, Russia

22.10.2017 Москва - "Театръ"
23.10.2017 Краснодар - "Арена"
24.10.2017 Самара - "Звезда"
25.10.2017 Санкт-Петербург - "Опера"


New Tour Dates with Lacuna Coil!

'This Is The Sound' has been out for a month, and we're at a complete lack of words. We're incredibly thankful for glowing reviews, for video views and comments beyond our wildest hopes, for amazing first festival shows, and most importantly, for the deluge of awesome feedback from the best fans in the world.

Now we have one priority, and one priority only: getting back on the road, and making it our mission to visit each and every one of our fans to celebrate our music live together. We're already excited about hitting the road with Delain in the fall, after premiering our club show with two dates in Switzerland, and are proud and happy to announce that we've added another 27 shows with none other than the incredible, amazing Lacuna Coil!

The new, full routing of our fall tour now looks as follows:

13.09.2017 🇨🇭 Kulturfabrik Kofmehl - Solothurn, Switzerland
14.09.2017 🇨🇭 Dynamo - Zürich, Switzerland

With Delain feat. Marco Hietala:
26.10.2017 🇫🇷 Alhambra - Paris, France
27.10.2017 🇨🇭 Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland
28.10.2017 🇩🇪 Zeche - Bochum, Germany
29.10.2017 🇩🇪 Backstage - Munich, Germany
31.10.2017 🇳🇱 Tivoli - Utrecht, Netherlands
01.11.2017 🇬🇧 Koko - London, United Kingdom

With Lacuna Coil:
11.11.2017 🇩🇪 JUZ Live Club - Andernach, Germany
12.11.2017 🇦🇹 Komma - Wörgl, Austria
13.11.2017 🇷🇸 Dom Omladine - Belgrade, Serbia
15.11.2017 🇷🇴 Quantic Club - Bucharest, Romania
17.11.2017 🇧🇬 Mixtape 5 - Sofia, Bulgaria
18.11.2017 🇬🇷 Principal Theater Club - Thessaloniki, Greece
19.11.2017 🇬🇷 Piraeus Academy 117 - Athens, Greece
22.11.2017 🇨🇭 Musigburg - Aarburg, Switzerland
24.11.2017 🇩🇪 Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg, Germany
25.11.2017 🇩🇪 Hellraiser - Leipzig, Germany
26.11.2017 🇩🇪 Café Central - Weinheim, Germany
28.11.2017 🇫🇷 Le Metronum - Toulouse, France
29.11.2017 🇪🇸 CC Delicias - Zaragoza, Spain
01.12.2017 🇵🇹 Lisboa ao Vivo - Lisboa, Portugal
02.12.2017 🇵🇹 Hard Club - Porto, Portugal
03.12.2017 🇪🇸 Custom - Sevilla, Spain
04.12.2017 🇪🇸 Garaje - Murcia, Spain
06.12.2017 🇱🇺 Kulturfabrik - Esch Sur Alzette, Luxembourg
07.12.2017 🇫🇷 Ninkasi Kao - Lyon, France
08.12.2017 🇫🇷 Le Forum - Vaureal, France
09.12.2017 🇧🇪 Moonlight Music Hall - Diest, Belgium
10.12.2017 🇫🇷 Chez Paulette - Nancy, France
11.12.2017 🇩🇪 Zeche - Bochum, Germany
13.12.2017 🇫🇷 La Chabada - Angers, France
14.12.2017 🇫🇷 Le Grillen - Colmar, France
15.12.2017 🇳🇱 Metropol - Hengelo, Netherlands
16.12.2017 🇫🇷 Festival De Noel - Limoges, France

All dates & tickets

'This Is The Sound' is OUT NOW


Today’s the day! Almost exactly one year after Cellar Darling came into existence, we couldn’t be more proud to present to you our debut album, ‘This Is The Sound’. It is available now at the digital service, download store, online store and of course physical record store of your choice!

Digital: http://nblast.de/CellarDarlingDigital
Physical - Germany & world wide (Nuclear Blast): http://nblast.de/CDThisIsTheSoundNB
Physical - Switzerland: https://goo.gl/fswmH6
Physical - Amazon: http://nblast.de/CellarDarlingLtdDigi
Physical - USA (Nuclear Blast): http://smarturl.it/ThisIsTheSoundCD